Give back to the Earth. Plant a tree.

Went tree planting at the Communal Ranch. It was cloudy, but the view was still beautiful. We can’t survive without Nature, but Nature can do fine without us. So let’s do our best to take care of what’s left.


A tiny universe in a drop of water

I’ve always imagined tiny alternate dimensions existing within droplets of water. Snapped this while I was out at the farm. Almost stepped on it. It’s a good thing I didn’t.


Here’s a little throwback. This photo was taken at the summit of Mt. Dulan Dulang during our 3 day trek across the Kitanglad Mountain range. Mt. Dulang Dulang is the second tallest mountain in the Philippines, and is sacred ground for the local tribes. Before scaling up the mountain, climbers must first secure a government permit that must be signed by the local Datu (tribal chief) after a short briefing and cleansing ceremony.  In the photo is one of our guides, and the shirts we were trying to dry in the sun.