Milky Way

On a return trip from Cebu I arrived at the farm around 12am. While looking up at the stars, I noticed a white haze in the sky. It was traces of the Great Rift. I grabbed my camera and had all the perimeter and poultry lights turned off. I stayed up til 2am snapping photos. Some of them turned out really well despite the fact that I’m a newbie at Astrophotography.

Heaven’s Gate

It was a blisteringly hot day, and I was standing out in the Sun overseeing our workers planting Sugarcane, when I noticed that I had suddenly been covered in shade. I looked up to see a little cloud, and could clearly make out the “God Rays” it was giving off. It was beautiful, I had to snap a photo. “It looks like a gate to Heaven.” I said to myself. “Heaven’s Gate, that’s what I’ll call it…”